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work for the fashion show, of course, went on hold. She considered quitting, but the shows director of talent and community outreach, Buf Reynolds Sechser, pressed her to keep going. She encouraged me, saying We really want to see you in the show, Gayed said. One week before the bulk of her designs were due, with her daughter still in the hospital, Gayed called her grandmother. Judy Stutzman, 72, taught her granddaughter to sew at age 8, first with pot holders, pajama pants and quilt blocks. Together, the two worked for a week straight, Sunday to Sunday, with Gayeds husband and family helping care for their daughter to allow them time to work. (Makaylee) said I dont think were going to make it, Stutzman said, and I said Lets do this. Grandma used the same Bernina sewing machine she taught Gayed on when she was a child. She pulled an all-nighter with me one night, Gayed said. Without her, I dont think I wouldve been able to finish it. Together, they got it done just in time. Two days later, on Feb.

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