The Latest Guidance On No-hassle Solutions In Bikinis

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Recognize that waterborne vessels of all types can host ZM hitchhikers power and sailboats, water-skis, wakeboards, PWC, canoes, kayaks, tubes, etc. 6. Reconsider your boating habits and patterns to avoid transporting ZMs from infected to uninfected waters; select a home lake and enjoy it for the season. 7. Remember that the Housatonic River and three of its impoundment lakes (Zoar, Lillinonah, and Housatonic) are now infected so avoid if at all possible. 8. Realize that every item that touches ZM-infected waters can serve to spread the contagion hulls, engines, paddles, vests, nets, even swimsuits and pets 9. Religiously decontaminate all vessels, equipment, and gear following use in suspect waters by adhering to the prescribed protocol of Clean-Drain-Dry. 10. Reinforce the cautionary theme of Zero Zebras by doing your part to restrict their entry; volunteer to coach/aid love it others by becoming a boat launch monitor.

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