Some Challenging Ideas For Rapid Programs In Bikinis

Close share panel Image caption Peter Sheridan, who is now chief executive at Cooperation Ireland, told BBC Good Morning Ulster that the peace process is in a "fragile state" A former senior police officer has warned that Brexit could lead to "civil unrest" in Northern Ireland. Peter Sheridan, now chief executive at Cooperation Ireland said the peace process is in a "fragile state". He said the numerous agreements that make up Northern Ireland's peace process show the brittle nature of its politics. "Less than a year ago, both governments had to step in to rescue the executive," said Mr Sheridan. 'Confrontation and unrest' Although stressing that he did not predict the violence "in the way it was [during the Troubles]", he added: "We've already seen peaceful protests along the border, even though nothing has happened on the border yet. "The history of this place is that mass protest can lead to confrontation and unrest. "We've had three shootings in the last few days, so we shouldn't be surprised that there would be people who would seek to exploit a change in the border." The former assistant chief constable denied that he was scaremongering: "I would challenge anyone who says there won't be people who will seek to exploit the border," he told the BBC's Good Morning Ulster programme. "We just need to be alert to the possibility that any change to the border, which is largely invisible at the minute, can be seen to threaten people's identity in ways we cannot see." Mr Sheridan said he believed Northern Ireland Secretary James Brokenshire and Prime Minister Teresa May were genuine when they expressed their commitment to an open border, but pointed out that 26 other countries will have a say on the matter.

beach day can mean stopping for a plate of pork belly and bits after going for a dip. Runway is built to service the growing neighborhood around it, but Williamson and husband/business partner Nick Roberts could have a fast-casual destination restaurant on their hands with smartly constructed signature poke bowls like hamachi, lilikoi ponzu, pickled ginger, cucumber, scallion, Maui onion, cilantro, radish sprouts, toasted garlic and yuzu tobiko. We recommend trying this over a grain blend with quinoa and brown rice. You can also build your own bowl with options including yellowfin tuna, lomi-lomi salmon, octopus and Japanese eggplant, and more than 30 toppings like avocado, kimchi, fresh grated wasabi, shaved serrano pepper and jellyfish salad. Theres also musubi including the requisite spam along with yuzu kosho salmon, sesame miso zucchini and teriyaki chicken. Turns out you can do a lot cooking with just a panini press if you get creative. For something sweet, theres shaved iced featuring flavors (like matcha, coconut and pineapple) that have little in common with the artificial, bizarrely colored options you might have encountered elsewhere. Order a scoop of ice cream and theyll bury it at the bottom of your shaved ice as motivation to finish your entire dessert. Williamson and Roberts also have a restaurant empire in neighboring Playa Del Rey, where they operate gastropub The Tripel and the multiple-concepts-under-one-roof Playa Provisions . beach apparel Playa Provisions is a breakfast and sandwich shop, an ice-cream counter, a destination seafood restaurant and a back-room whisky bar (inspired by speakeasy-style drinking dens like New Yorks PDT) all at one address.

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