Helpful Guidelines For Common-sense Products In Nightwear

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The hand-knit "pussyhats" worn by many women served as a message of female empowerment, inspired by Trump's crude boast about grabbing women's genitals. They "ain't for grabbing," actress Ashley Judd told the Washington crowd. The marches were a magnet for A-list celebrities, unlike Trump's inauguration, which had a deficit of top performers. Alicia Keys sang "Girl on Fire" for the Washington crowd. Madonna gave a fiery, profanity-laced address to the gathering. Cher, also in the nation's capital, said Trump's ascendance has people "more frightened maybe than they've ever been." In Park City, Utah, it was Charlize Theron leading demonstrators in a chant of "Love, not hate, makes America great." Actresses Helen Mirren and Cynthia Nixon and Whoopi Goldberg joined the crowd of protesters in New York. Tens of thousands of protesters squeezed into London's Trafalgar Square. In Paris, thousands rallied in the Eiffel Tower neighborhood in a joyful atmosphere, singing and carrying posters reading "We have our eyes on you Mr. Trump" and "With our sisters in Washington." Hundreds gathered in Prague's Wenceslas Square in freezing weather, mockingly waving portraits of Trump and Russia's Vladimir Putin.